Attitude – My Prescription for Stress Relief

My life has been filled with terrible misfortune; most of which never happened.~ Montaigne

This weekend Ed and I travelled to see relatives in New Jersey. I haven’t seen my cousins or my aunt since I was in high school. We may be related by blood, but we certainly don’t have any relationship.  I admit I was a bit nervous. As a rule, I don’t like walking into ‘unknown’ situations. I’ve had to train myself to maintain a good attitude in uncomfortable circumstances.  I talk to myself when facing possible stressful situations. I remind myself that I can handle it, maintain a friendly, open attitude … and if everything goes wrong, I can deal with ANYTHING for a few hours – days – whatever.

As usual, the “what if’s” didn’t happen.  The weekend was wonderful. We shared food, fellowship, a few glasses of wine and lots of stories. New ‘friends’ that we wouldn’t have if I hadn’t stepped out and made the effort … with a good attitude.

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