Seller, Marketer or Advisor?

If you’re in sales (and all of us are in one way or another!),  you should begin to think of yourself as an Advisor. Your job is not to SELL, your job is to PROVIDE your prospective client with what they desire. As humans, we always make decisions based on feelings and desires. Then we back up those subjective decisions with facts and proof so that we think we have made a rational decision. 

On vacation last week, I wanted that gold necklace. I didn’t need it and probably shouldn’t have bought it, BUT I rationalized that I wouldn’t be in that store again, I probably couldn’t find one as nice back home, and– after all–it was a good investment! The store’s Advisor helped the decision along by telling me how many carats it was, how beautiful it looked on me, that it was just the right length, that their wholesale prices were better than anything I could get at home, and that they only had that one. Now I own a beautiful necklace that I’m enjoying very much!

 Advisors provide valid information that allows the prospect to make a decision without pressure. Not once during my time in the jewelry store did the clerk try to persuade me to buy. She simply made the necklace available (with a mirror, of course), gave me pertinent information about its value, and let me talk myself into buying it! Very effective. She also took her time with me, even though there were other customers in the store. At no point did I feel pushed to return the necklace to the display case so she could move on to the next prospect. 

As an ‘advisor’, your professional expertise will shine, without the feeling that you have to ‘sell’. I tell others, “I’m not here to sell you anything. I’m here to provide Information so you can make an informed decision.”

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