Ignore Discouragement and Don’t Quit

We had the privilege of spending three days in Virginia Beach watching artists create amazing sculptures from piles of fine-grain sand.  The individuals and teams had 26 hours to turn a ten-ton pile of sand into a masterpiece.

They started Wednesday morning, forming and framing the piles into pillars of damp sand, tamping it together for maximum strength. Then the 19 entrants started carving and shaping according to each individual vision.

 One team had constructed the tallest statue with two large heads formed and detailed. Another (the Scots picture above) had a tall man who was head and shoulders above the other characters.

 Thursday morning Team One removed the form from the next level … and their whole structure collapsed!  No time for regrets, anger, frustration or feeling sorry for themselves. They reformed, packed and started an entirely different creation.

 The tall Scotsman also slid, so his shoulders became the head. I can imagine what they must have been thinking.  “Don’t stop. Be creative. Stay focused on the goal.”

 On Friday morning, the Fortune Teller’s creator arrived to find that a hose had been left on overnight behind his statue.  It had undermined the foundation. In another 15 minutes, the entire structure would have collapsed. He had to spend the rest of the day repacking and re-sculpting the gypsy’s seat … instead of adding the cat he had planned to sit beside her.

 To achieve success, you have to persevere. Even Thomas Edison, great inventor that he was, had to learn this lesson. It took more than 10,000 experiments to create the incandescent light bulb.  

Keep striving even when it becomes challenging. Success is possible. So is failure. The difference is your commitment to never quit.



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