Diligence, Faithfulness & Power

How does diligence differ from faithfulness?

Faithfulness clings to a goal, cause or ideal.
Diligence adds the power of perseverance.
Together, they are a powerful combination
to create success in your life.

Diligence helps you stay focused.
You are being diligent about something –
giving your attention to something — all the time.
If you make wise decisions and continue in diligence,
you will arrive at your destination, your destiny.

Of course, WHAT we are diligent about
has a great effect on the outcome.

For a long time, I was diligent to play computer games …
solitaire, Scrabble, word games. I could spend hours
focused diligently on the computer screen.
But that diligence certainly wasn’t contributing to my success!

Then I have made a quality decision to write The Ruth Factor.
Although I can’t see the future, I know that changing the focus
of my efforts will certainly improve my chances for success!

Faith and diligence balance the spiritual and practical sides of your life.
The life you are experiencing right now is the result of your decisions.
Your victory will come from the decisions you make
and the diligence you apply to manifest those decisions.
Diligence means choosing what you give your attention to.

You are being diligent about something all the time. Ask yourself:
• What am I busy about most of the time?
• What has captured my attention?’
• If you’ve been diligent about NOTHING,
that’s exactly what you’ll get!

You have the power to either indulge in what you know is wrong,
or you can choose to resist. You can live a higher life.
To experience progress, there are things you will have to go through
AND things you will have to give up.
Things that may have been ‘good’ in previous seasons
can later become stumbling blocks to your progress.

So, what are YOU being diligent about?
What are you working on that will lead to your success?



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