Personal Inspiration

Ed and I just got back from a motivational seminar in Buffalo NY. The speakers delivered inspiring, life-changing messages for anyone who wanted to apply what we heard.  I’ll be sharing more with you about their information in upcoming  issues.

People like me – coaches, mentors, encouragers – need to refill our own mental and spiritual tanks. This is one way that I re-energize myself to serve others.

We spent the night in a downtown hotel and thoroughly enjoyed dinner at the Pearl Street Pub & Brewery. It’s an old basement-to-third-floor warehouse that’s been converted to eatery and micro-brewery. Verandas on all three floors overlook the city and harbor. Stop in if you’re ever in the area.

The pups went for a puppy sleep-over at a friend’s house while we were gone. Their enthusiasm when we picked them up was a warm fuzzy. I think people need to take lessons from dogs on sharing love and kisses!

What inspires you? Make time in your life to refill your spiritual tank. Being good to yourself is a major key in staying motivated and being successful.



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