One Small Step to Success

It’s the little things you do that can make a big difference.
What are you attempting to accomplish?
What little thing can you do today
that will make you more effective?
You are probably only one step away from greatness.
~ Bob Proctor

If you’re anywhere near my age,
you remember that momentous day
when American astronauts actually walked on the moon.
Now it seems commonplace, but 40 years ago
it was an immense accomplishment.
We stared, bug-eyed, at our Zenith television,
awestruck by the images of our victory in the space race.

One man spearheaded the attempt.
John F. Kennedy’s enthusiasm and charisma
inspired others to share his vision.

One by one, he created a team.
Piece by piece, they assembled
the wisdom and technology.
Those small steps led to an
American becoming the first man
to set foot on the moon.

JFK ignored the nay-sayers.
He stayed focused on the vision,
set flexible goals and trusted in the end result.

What’s YOUR vision?
What are you trying to accomplish?
What small steps can you take today
that will move you closer to your goal?
Who can you enlist to built your success team?

Every day, take one small step toward your future.
Make that difficult phone call.
Write that letter … email … ebook.
Learn something new.
Get out of your chair and exercise,
even if it’s only for five minutes!

Do 1% more than you did yesterday … just 1%.
You’ll find that your small steps of today
will create your giant leap to success, victory and fulfillment.

Take a minute to write me.
Tell me your goal.
Let me be your accountability partner,
online mentor or coach.

Together we’ll share your vision
and celebrate your victories.

I’m waiting to hear from you.

Until then, God bless you and yours.



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