Inspire With A Smile

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”
~ Mother Theresa

How’s your day been going?
          A bit rough?
               Too much of a challenge?

Well, here’s one way to brighten your outlook and your day.
Yep, that’s it. Smile.

Not only does it bless those around you, it blesses you.
Don’t believe me? Try this experiment.

Stand in front of a mirror. Keep your face relaxed, expressionless. How do you feel?
Now, smile. Just smile.

What changed? Are your eyes a bit brighter? Do you find that your smile turns into a grin?
Do you feel a little better, a bit happier, just looking at that smile? Of course you do! Smiling sends messages to your body, telling it to relax, slow down, enjoy.

Here’s another experiment. Watch people. All day long, how many people do you see who are truly smiling? Most people travel through life looking bored, sad, frustrated, angry or just neutral. Blah. Then they wonder why life is so hard.

Practice smiling at them. Watch the reactions you get. Your smile will entice smiles from others. It’s a gift … a simple gift with far-reaching results.
Your smile causes others to smile back. Then someone else sees that smile and smiles also. You’ve started a chain reaction of joy … just by smiling.
Now, here’s your assignment. Keep smiling. Learn to smile throughout your day. Smile at everyone you meet, whether you know them or not. Smile just because it’s good for you.

A merry heart doeth good like medicine.

Smiles and laughter are an instant antidote to the doldrums. So SMILE!

Until the next time,
God bless you and yours.



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