What’s Holding You Back?

To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.  ~  George Kneller

I learned something interesting today.  Nat King Cole started out as a piano player.  He had that wonderful rich voice, but didn’t recognize the talent within himself.  Then one night the regular singer didn’t show up – and the club owner wouldn’t pay for just a piano player – so Nat literally ‘sang for his supper’ that night. 

So … what talents do you have that you’re not using to their full potential?  Usually they are the things that you do without effort, that seem so natural to you that you don’t recognize them as special. 

Other people usually recognize your talents more than you do.  What do other’s ask your help with?  Are you a great baker? An organizer extraordinaire?  A writer, a painter, a gardener? 

Take a look at your many talents.  How can you develop them into a new enterprise?  God gave you those gifts to share with your world.  YOU have the talent and ability to do something wonderful.  What’s holding you back?



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