Believe that you have what you say,


Interesting thought, isn’t it?
Not: I’ll believe it when I see it.
Actually it’s: I will believe it, then I’ll see it.

It’s how the world works, you know.
If you’ll carefully study the book of
Genesis, you’ll see that first God said …
and then it happened.
Whatever He wanted.
He saw it in His mind (believe, imagine).
Then He said it.
Then He had it.

And He created us just like Him.
We are believing, speaking beings.
And we CAN have what we can imagine.

Napoleon Hill said it this way, “What the
mind of man can Conceive and Believe,
it can Achieve.”
I call it the backward A,B,C’s.

The world thinks you have to see it
to believe it, but that’s backward.
Because everything in this world started first
as a thought conceived in someone’s mind.

Keep imagining a thought and it becomes so real
on the inside that you begin to talk about it.
You’ll begin to make plans, discuss ideas,
‘brainstorm’ ways to make it happen.

The power of thoughts and words drew the
idea into physical form. That idea/thought/belief
became so REAL that you’ll start doing
something to make it happen.

That’s the power of the Universe.
God placed it in YOUR power to create
your own world … with your thoughts
words, and actions.
Ask yourself, “What am I thinking?
Is this what I want to create?”



Speak Your Mind