Random Thoughts

But I say unto you, whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.~ Jesus

I’m curled up in the den, hot tea, peaceful tunes, thinking about life. Spent most of today helping friends: one is trying to sort out her life after her husband of 30-plus years decided he didn’t want to be married, another who’s gotten older and can’t do her own yard work any longer.

We’re all at different stages of our lives. Sometimes we’re on the giving end of a blessing; sometimes we’re on the receiving end. The miracle is – it takes both sides to complete the circle as God intended. A giver can’t give if no one receives. And a recipient needs a blessing-minded person to recognize their need.

The other part of the miracle is that the time, talents, and money we share are ‘seed’ planted (given) toward a harvest in our own lives. That’s why it’s “more blessed to give than receive”.
So the next time you see an opportunity to bless someone else, do it joyfully, expecting to be blessed in return. And if someone is trying to bless you, receive it joyfully! That’s their seed and your harvest. Be blessed.



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