Find Your Passion

“Buried deep within each of us is a spark of greatness, a spark than can be fanned into flames of passion and achievement. That spark is not outside of you it is born deep within you.” — James A. Ray

Passion is defined as “powerful emotion” and “boundless enthusiasm”. When you bring emotion and enthusiasm to your lifework, nothing else matters. Nothing is impossible. Your commitment to your passion will lead you to Wisdom in pursuing your dream.

To increase your chances for success in any area, concentrate your efforts on something you truly enjoy. You need to have an intimate passion for your interest. With passion for what you are doing and pressing toward, you will automatically put more effort into it.

To learn more about the power of passion, watch the video below. Clay Dyer has accomplished the impossible with passion, faith and commitment.  He said, “I have everything In need: heart, mind, soul.” See if you agree.



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